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"Streams" - Doug Schlink Trio with Steve Taylor and Tom Devino, released DEC, 2006. CD Currently Available on (click here to purchase)

"The Harold Zinno Quintet - LIVE at the Silvermine". Harry is a long time friend, a great musician and a great band leader. This was recorded May 1, 1998 at the Silvermine Tavern in Norwalk, CT. It featured "my little sister", the wonderful Nicole Pasternak on vocals, brothers John Mobilio on bass, Jack Varanelli on drums, and Bill Cofrances on alto and tenor saxes. The outstanding remote recording credit goes to Tom Devino, who is the drummer & co-producer on Streams, and also engineered 4 tracks on that CD. This group still appears once a month at this wonderful jazz venue.

"Take Another Look" - Joey Melotti. I've known Joey forever and we worked together for a number of years in various and sundry groups! He's an incredibly talented songwriter/singer and pianist who has gone on to perform and record with many famous artists including Ricki Lee Jones, Michael Bolton, Liza Minelli & Barry Manilow, to name just a very few. Joey remembered a guitar solo I took on a gig on his original "Moonliner" . A few years later, (after I'd switched to piano) he asked me to do the solo on the recording date. I had to borrow a guitar, and my chops were obviously down, but it came out okay. This was an LP, and don't know if ever reissued on CD.

"Essence to Essence" - Donovan. Famed British producer, Andrew Loog Oldham (the Stones among many others), asked me to lay down some guitar tracks (and background vocals!) on this 1971 project. Joining me were buds bassist Paul Ossola, vocalists Bob Orsi and Christine Ohlman & drummer Vic Steffens (who mixed and mastered Streams at his Horizon Studios in West Haven!). Half the LP was recorded in London, and tracks added and mixed at Trod Nossel Studios in Wallingford, CT. It has been reissued and is available on CD.


"Metamorphosis" - Rolling Stones. Well, yes, I'm "on" a Rolling Stones album. The above mentioned Andrew Loog had produced, and owned the rights to the Stones first 7 albums. Shortly after "Hot Rocks", a compilation of Stones tunes was released, Andrew decided to do one of his own. I overdubbed guitar tracks over Keith's original tracks. Likewise Paul Ossola dubbed in the bass, and Vic Steffens drums. The liner notes referred to friends dropping by late night sessions and "no one kept a list to say who played", and then went on, "but we'd like to thank Jimmy Page, John McLaughlin..." and a host of others - when actually it was a bunch of kids in Wallingford, CT. Sorry Andrew. After 37 years, your secret is out!

"Bionic Gold" Released in 1977 but had to be recorded 1974 or earlier, when I was with the Scratch Band. I barely remember this session. This may be my first recording on keyboards (piano and clavinet). It is (of all things) a compilation of Phil Spector produced hits! I suspect it's long out of print, probably a good thing. :-)

"All My Best" by Fancy "45 rpm!". Fancy later became the Scratch Band. We had an album, "Fancy Meeting You Here" and a couple of singles. I can't remember if this single was off the album, or predated it. This was probably recorded in 1969 or 1970 and is one of, if not the first recording I played on. I can barely remember the tune. Long time ago.