This is more of a scrapbook of memorabilia rather than a professional promotional photo exhibit.

Fun for me, and I hope not too boring for you.

Promo shot for the Harold Zinno Quintet, I'm guessing around 1995. Left to right are, Bill Cofrances, drummer Jack Varanelli, singer Nicole Pasternak, me, bassist John Mobilio and "Haze" himself! Mr brothers! (and little sister!)

Doug Schlink, Tom Devino, Steve Taylor, Bill Cofrances

Billy Cofrances Quartet at Main & Hopewell, 2002 (?). L to R, me, Tom Devino, Steve Taylor and BC.

Left is me at the Silvermine c. 2002. Right, an old promo shot c. 1995 BG (before grey!)

Doug Schlink at Silvermine

At Doug Schlink Promo shot

Tenor Saxophone Legend, Ralph Lalama

Vocal great Richard "Cookie" Thomas to my right. The inimitable John Mobilio on bass in the background!


The Trio in an OCT 2007 concert at Christ Chrurch, Bethlehem, CT. Henry Lugo on bass. Tom Devino on drums.

Familiar faces at many of my gigs. Twin sister Nannie with her boyfriend, Bob Ronshagen at Colonial Tymes.

Two of my early mentors, the late producer and my former manager, Thomas "Doc" Cavalier with his close friend,

British rock icon & pioneer, producer Andrew Loog Oldham.

Learn more about these two amazing gentlemen at

Those of you who know me know I'm a passionate flyfisherman, and have been blessed to fish in many beautiful places around the world. Here's a few photos of some of these beautiful places and magnificent fish!


Links to Fishin' Pix!

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