Fighting a 135 pound tarpon, MAY 4, 2007 on the beautiful flats of Homosassa, Florida. Homosassa is considered the Augusta National of tarpon fishing and produces some of the world's largest tarpon. Several flyrod world records (to over 200 pounds) have been caught here. Saddly, the numbers of tarpon returning to Homosassa have dwindled in recent years. Most likely these magnificent gamefish are being slaughtered in some Central American country and sold pennies a pound for cat food.

This was the first fish to be landed in Homosassa for the 2007 season. Incredibly, as of MAY 18th, only one other tarpon had been landed, so I was extremely lucky. Fly Fishing in Saltwaters photo editor, John Frazier is the videographer. This photo taken by my guide, buddy and and confirmed tarponaholic, Mark Hatter. Mark's also a staff writer and photographer for FFSW. If you're interested in learing more about Homosassa, read Mark's SEP 2000 article,
The Holy Grail on the Fly Fishing in Saltwaters' website. This was written before the fishery started to decline (and before anyone had landed a 200 pounder on fly!).

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